Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Things from the Market

There goes another month of this year and the last day of the hottest month of the year... and for all of you who asked, it's still pretty hot in here but doesn't feel as bad anymore.

One place that I love to visit in NY every time I go is the Chelsea Market because I find incredible that they had taken an old building and turned it into something great instead of tearing it down and destroying a city landmark. 

Main corridor at the market... wish I could bring home one of those massive ceiling fans

If you can see at the corner of the image you can find the Food Network logo, which as you may think called my attention to realize that famous kitchen stadium is housed somewhere in the upper floors of the market. To add to my excitement they were taping episodes of Iron Chef (my favorite show!) but you need special passes to attend... so if you know someone who can get me in please let me know!

Display of the history of the building and window at the new Anthropologie

Now the market counts with a wide range on restaurants, retail stores, food stores and sweets that make it the best place to go shopping and grab a bite. They also have event that include tours of the foods represented at the market, art exhibits, wine and chef tastings, and it is also a space for various organizations to raise awareness about different issues affecting us.

I loved this photo from an exhibit on many walls of the building

Water fountain where I got to see a few tossing coins in
Have a great day and hope you can support in your city places like this!