Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Scenes from the Park

No visit to NY is complete without a visit to Central Park. I've seen the park in every season and each one is as beautiful as the other one. This trip I got to see it in the summer full of people all over the place.

It's great to see that the example of Central Park has propagated all over the city making it a greener city. I like to take a whole afternoon to walk around and enjoy the scenery, the tree, the famous places, and the buildings around the park... of course I end up jealous of those who live in those buildings and the view they have.

Isn't lovely this bride taking her wedding photos at the park?

For the first time I got to see so many images that you have seen only in movies like the one above. The whole things was very romantic, the bride looked beautiful surrounded by her family and friends as well as the groom who looked fantastic too. 

 Artists walking with their musical instruments on their way to Lincoln Center 
and brownstone in the surrounding area of the park

My favorite image
I have to admit that to me the best part was to see all the people outside on the lawn having fun, playing, or just laying on a blanket enjoying of the great weather. The reason why I love is because you can see the park with the iconic buildings of New York in the back... don't you just love to go there and see the people?

Enjoy Wednesday and take a moment to go outside to enjoy nature!

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