Thursday, September 2, 2010


I can't believe September in here again and somehow this year I caught myself being very indecisive about what I want to do for my birthday... yes, my birthday a few weeks away. The reason for it is because it's not a great number like turning 29 which is the last one of your 20's, or turning 30 which is when the fun really begins... 

Postcards my friend Lori sent me from Thailand about my birthday

The other day I was looking through some old stuff and found an envelope where I keep all the things I used to have on the wall of my old workstation at my old job.Amongst the many like nick-knacks in there was a postcard from my friend Lori that she sent me years ago on her trip to Thailand in which she was congratulating me for my birthday.

 Seated Ganesha at the Met in NY and Kidrobot toy at the 
Cooper-Hewitt Museum in NY... I bought this on a trip to NY 3 years ago

Additionally, I found other postcards I've been purchasing along the way at museum exhibits, churches, famous homes, and most importantly other people's trips who have remembered my love of postcards. So, it got me thinking that I would like a postcard from all the friends out there who I've met through this blog but because of distance we haven't had the opportunity to hang out.

 From Kevin on his trip to Cincinnati to see the Arts Center designed by Zaha Hadid

Yes, I would love for you to send me a postcard during this whole month of September to make this one special. I will be looking for a great prize to give to the nicest card or a bunch of small gifts to send to you so we can turn this fun thing in a giveaway... ideas and suggestions are welcome.

From Kevin too... on his trip to Argentina at the Faena Hotel reminiscing 
about our work experience with Stark

So... if you want to send me a postcard please email me so I can send you my mailing address. I will be scanning them and posting them as I receive them and hope you join me in this fun idea.

Have a great day and remember the long weekend is just around the corner!