Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Benefits of Chocolate

Once of the greatest pleasure in life in to enjoy something that tastes good that also is good for you. First, let's just say that chocolate brings a smile to everyone's face no matter what type you like or if it's in ice cream form or in a bar. That alone makes it beneficial for your health and state of mind.

Delicious chocolate treats at Vosges in NY 

It also contains serotonin which is an anti-depressant, helps in the production of endorphins that give you feelings of pleasure, and finally it is a stimulant because it has caffeine. Additionally, studies have shown it contains anti-oxidants that help in fighting the free radicals caused by aging that can lead to heart disease, high blood preassure and can help balance certain hormones in the body.

Mind you, all of these facts are present in in dark chocolate even though milk and white chocolate have shown some beneficial elements. For more information check out this website.

Enjoy your day and hope you enjoy a good piece of chocolate or at least the images in these post!