Monday, August 23, 2010

Chocolate Dreams

You know I love design and chocolate, so when you put both of them together it's a must see for me... I first discovered the Vosges Chocolates boutique on a trip to NY with my sister and clompletely fell in love with the beautiful white and purple store.

 View of different part of the store... love the way they arrange all the delicious boxes

When you're there you can have everything your sweet and not so sweet tooth needs. The chocolates vary from dark chocolate with disfferent spices from all over the world to white chocolate with pieces of olives... yes olives! Once tou places your order you can seat at the long table end enjoy your treats or you can have them to go packed in beautiful boxes with a bow.

Different packing options displayed all over the store

I love the back of the store because in there you can find books, candles and music amongst other things that are just part of the treat and experience of traveling around the world through chocolate...

 A couple of views of the back of the store... love that chandelier!!!

I've always loved products that are not just unique but also good for the environment. I was happy to learn that their factory is wind powered and their boxes are made with at least 60% post consumer content.

Have a wonderful Monday and enjoy the sweet things in life!!!