Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's Playtime

Over the weekend I went to Playtime NYC to check out the latest in children fashion for next summer. The show is the American version of the one on France just a bit smaller but equally exclusive. All the brands that show here are more high end or boutique.

View of some of the main aisles

The people who attend get very creative with their booths when it comes to decorating them because they hang things from the walls, the ceiling, they create little interior environments for the buyers and one of them even painted the interior with blackboard paint to add a personal touch and allow kids to play.

Installation showcasing maternity clothes

I liked that in between every aisle they had an installation showcasing certain products of the exhibitors so people could check if they were missing anything.

Have a happy Wednesday... I have to go and enjoy the city!


  1. I wish they had maternity clothes like that when I was pregos.

    I had to tailor regular clothes to fit.

  2. How fun! That looks so cute and fun! I would probably buy way too much even though I'm not pregnant nor have children.

  3. I've heard about the French version of this fair (the French go crazy when it comes to children's fashion). Looks like a great show!