Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Friends

On Sunday I got to meet my blogger friends for the first time and it was a lot of fun. We got together late morning and before we knew it 5 hours had passed by and we were still chatting. The ones who came were the following:

Kitchen at the house where we had the party

Patio of the house

Table with all the food prepared by me and Brandi... the hosts!

Detail shot

All the images were taken by very talented Lili who brought two of her cameras, one a regular film and the other a 1970's Polaroid... I think the fact that she uses these cameras give her images a very personal and warm feeling.

I cannot be happier about the great group of women we met with and I really do hope this is the first of many meetings with them and many other bloggers out there.

Have a great day and please check out these ladies blogs if you haven't yet!


  1. Your right about the images. How fun to get together.

  2. That's so nice :) Yay for new friends!

  3. Aw, that looks like so much fun! Good for you guys for getting together!
    It's wonderful to meet people who share similar passions!


  4. I am SOOOOOO jealous! I love Brandi and Lili has the best photography.

  5. Elie, it was so fantastic meeting and talking with you. I had almost too much fun. I'm going to try and figure out when I can make it into the city again soon so we can hang out some more.

  6. Ahh, how lovely you met Brandi and these other ladies!

  7. how blogging has changed our lives! Like minded people and everything.....

  8. That food looks so awesome! And I'm so glad you got to meet some fellow bloggers. That's on my to-do list for the future. I love Brandi's blog!

  9. It all looks wonderful! How lovely to meet friends in a beautiful setting and enjoy!