Monday, September 13, 2010

Beauty and Fashion

Weekend was a lot of fun and was happy to spend some time with my friends after all the summer craziness. Friday I went to the Neiman Marcus Beauty Event celebrating Fashion's Night Out.

Detail of flower on a Fall Collection Chanel shoe

I got to enjoy of a glass of champagne and got to try some of the new trends in make up along with stocking up on some of my all time essentials like hair cream and eye make up remover that I was in desperate need. Also, I did something that I love which is going around a get little sprayed paper strips of my favorite perfumes along with a few men's fragrance that I like to call "smells like good looking guy".

 Beautiful sweater with faux-fur and perfume displays to try on at your own leisure

Toe end the night they put together a great fashion show for everyone to enjoy. My fave were the new thigh high Loubutin boots and some other silky girlie blouses. 

 Fall fashion for women and men... check out the Loubutin boots...

Have a great week and a fantastic Monday!!!