Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Sweet Day

As you know I love a good sweet treat and if it's chocolate it's even better. I discovered Marie Belle chocolates with my sister and later found a really cute chocolate bar they have at the Limelight Marketplace.

 Love the colors and packaging of this chocolate bar

The chocolates are arranged all over the space inside beautiful glass and wood cases in the Art Nouveau style lit by a beautiful chandelier that hangs from the vaulted ceiling of the Gothic building. The brand is the brainchild of owner and founder Maribel Lieberman who designed them with the idea of making them look like jewels.

I love the pin-up girl wrapped chocolate bars and 
the chocolates with beautiful scenes painted on the top 

If you happen to go to any of their two stores (there's another one in SoHo) take some time to sit down and enjoy a chocolate made by hand in 27 flavors or any of their many other treats like nut brittle, caramels or delicious cloudy meringues.

Trays with chocolates and meringues (on the back) and chocolate/hazelnut bark

In other news the first postcards arrived yesterday and have to scan them to show you but please remember to email me if you want to send me a little "Postcard" this month of September to celebrate my up coming birthday in a few days.

Have a sweet Tuesday and don't forget to enjoy a little treat today!!!