Thursday, September 30, 2010

Building Walls

So it seems the rain will diminish a bit today but starting Saturday we'll be seeing lots of rain drops falling from the sky all over again... don't get me wrong, I love the rain so I can jump on the puddles out on the street (did it today wearing my wellies!).

 These wall panels can be used as doors, wall finishes and ever headboards... isn't it cool?

To finish my sort of topic on design trade shows, I want to show some great wall finishes. I love that we have evolved into new shapes and styles, and have opened our minds to the possibilities funky wall coverings and textured panels are giving to our interior environments... and many of those without harming our natural environment.

 Molded wood composite panels that can be finished any way you want

Nowadays all of these materials are made with recycled or post consumer content like it is wall covering  made with the cellulose left over from the paper making process, or wood composite panels made with wood dust and binders making them resistant to mold and mildew.

 I know these are not really wall finishes but I think is a great idea to display some fantastic fabrics

Fabrics can be used in so many ways from hanging free flowing from gorgeous hooks attached to the wall or stretched over canvas showing the great patterns of those fabrics that can find made from recycled and organic fibers... in this case the sky is the limit!

Wall covered with Swarovsky Crystals... you can literally add sparkle to any wall!!!

Have a fun Thursday and remember the weekend is almost here!!!!