Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lighting for Rainy Days

If you checked the news yesterday, Miami will be getting a lot of rain today and over the next few days due to the Tropical Depression #16 (that is the official name). I got my Hunter wellies and big umbrella ready for today's action.

 I loved this booth because the walls were hand drawn and 
you could leisurely look at the catalogs sitting at the table

Yesterday I mentioned about the hospitality show in Las Vegas and would like to share with you some lighting image from the show last year. I attended that show as part of my job as an interior designer and it was the last one where companies spent a lot of money on because of the current economic situation

I have a thing for chandeliers both the classical and the modern versions of them

The best thing about these shows was that you could find so many options of so many prices for the same light fixture. I learned over there that not because the pieces were expensive they were actually right for the projects I worked on or for my clients...

Even though this doesn't really qualify as a light fixture in my opinion it's as beautiful!

Tomorrow I'll show you some of the best wall treatments that are available today and that if you are looking for ideas on a remodel they might be helpful... of course a dramatic light fixture is always the cherry on top of that ice cream, ha!

Note: sorry the images are not great but at these shows it's hard to get artistic!

Have a nice day and hope yours is sunny and bright!