Saturday, September 18, 2010

Painless Weekend

First of all thanks for your good wishes yesterday because it's always nice to know people are sending you a good vibe. So the story is this... I hurt my back last week and I don't know how but I did, and since then I've had lower back pain. Yesterday I woke up just sick and tired of it and headed over to the doctor who thank God said it's nothing more than a muscular thing. They cracked my bones, stretched my muscles and prescribed me some white little pills that are making me feel much better... and said no high heels for a week!!!

 None of these for ONE WEEK!!! (image credit)

I did get other news yesterday of the good kind when Carrie from Couture Carrie left me a message that I had won the Orient watch she was giving away... and by the way she has another giveaway going on and it's another sweet one!

Here are the links:

Hope you're having a great weekend and please stay healthy!!!