Monday, September 20, 2010

Beads and Mail

First of all I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and I want to thank everyone who sent me a "Get Well" message over the past few days... I do feel much better! Since I wasn't able to get around much I took out all my jewelry supplies and made a list of things I need to get to start working on it again and reopen my online stores.

Jars filled with molded resin beads in all kins of floral shapes

When I was I NY last month I took the time to go bead shopping all over 6th and 7th Avs. I had only heard of this stores but never had the time to go and I was mesmerized by the vast array of materials, supplies and tools available for the creative and the not so creative.

 Glass beads sold by the unit... love the iridescent finish on the white ones

Close up of large beads in enameled ceramic and wood

Chains sold by the yard with semi precious stone and crystals in them

I hate to say that I didn't buy a single thing because I was like a kid left alone in a candy store, it was impossible for me to decide what to buy. Next time I go to NY, That I wish is soon, I'll have to take time to leisurely browse and buy the most amazing pieces I can find.

Below I wanted to show you the cards I received this weekend from two other great ladies who wanted to wish me a happy birthday. I love receiving cards from you so if you still want to do it just Click Here to send me an email to get my address and see you beautiful postcard here.

Postcard I received from Linda at Odd and Old all the way from France... 
it is an antique postcard sent originally to someone in Belgium

Sent by Lulu at Lulu in Los Angeles... she has a really fun blog, check it out! 

Wishing you a fantastic week and maybe a nice piece of jewelry!!!