Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pizza Please!

When I hear Keith McNally was opening another restaurant in NY I knew I had to go as I am a big fan of his other restaurants: Balthazar and Pastis. This time he went to the Bowery and opened a pizzeria called Pulino's.

Signage of the restaurant in the same colors as most of the other restaurants

I met there with my friend Jessica and her boyfriend who were also in NY from Miami. We enjoyed a few drinks from the very well stocked bar to cool off from walking around in the August heat. We ordered some antipasti, a couple of orders of their prosciutto di Parma, and two pizzas (of course!!!), a margherita and a polpettine (meatballs!).

View of the restaurant and a pictures of our delicious pizza

We were lucky that the day we went there was not that many people but for what I hear there is a large crowd on weekends and on Sundays it's a bit of a scene because breakfast is fantastic...

Have a great day and come back tomorrow for a very special post!