Monday, October 18, 2010

Food, Me and You

For days I've been talking of how crazy things have been for me over the past couple of weeks... One of the reasons is that I'm working on two research studies, one about hotels and the other about food. They both started just as an idea but somehow I've been sucked into the research itself and gotten very excited about what I've found about each topic.

 Ostrich, Emu and Pheasant Eggs... did you know that to cut an ostrich egg you need a small saw?

The topic about hotels is how to develop (or build) and operate hotel in a sustainable manner that is also economically feasible. There is so much people out there that think it's not possible without putting a lot of money up front and I would like to find the reasons why and the ways to make it possible... Very ambitious project!

Tomato salad with caramelized onions, slivered almonds and sherry wine vinegar dressing... yum!

The one about food is about the eating habits of the women today. I think many of us would love to know how to eat better in a way that is healthier and also delicious including a few goodies that we avoid just because we don't want to gain any weight. Also, how can we do all that in the very small portion of time we have nowadays available for food preparation and eating.

I would love to turn these into a delicious orange sorbet

The reason why I'm talking about this is that you as consumers of both hotels and food can shed some light on both topics and at the same time make your voices heard of what the real people are looking for. So, over the next few weeks at the end of each post I will ask you a question related to one of each topics and you can chose to answer it or not... your responses will be kept totally anonymous!

I can think of a delicious salad the includes all of the above with a great lime dressing!

So here goes the first question: when you think of sustainable/green/environmentally friendly, do you think that the product/hotel/food is more expensive that conventional?

Have a happy and healthy Monday everyone!!!