Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Politically Incorrect Glasses

The other day I went looking for some new glasses for my house and wanted to get with a little bit of personality and regretted I didn't get any when I was in NY looking around some home stores.

 For the political aficionado... which I'm not but thought they were hilarious

I went shopping to Fishs Eddy and like always found the most original glassware of all stores... unfortunately for a lack of space on my suitcase didn't get anything and I'm seriously regretting it. I cannot thing of a better way to have your morning coffee while reading the newspaper (or my Friday links!) in the company of my the day's silly politico (not loving the political commercials these days!)

 Do you think these would be totally inappropriate for my next ladies who lunch tea party?

 I love it when you can add a little bit of humor and color to your table, especially when you have a dinner party and instead of having everything set with just a plain white china you can add a little pizzas to the setting.  If you happen to visit their website or their store look into their sale because many times they have true vintage items for sale that are really worth it...
Seriously this was arranged like that... I'm not kidding!

Thanks to all your responses yesterday... if you have some time please let me know the following: What's your definition of simple food? Few ingredients, familiarity or out of the box?

Have a great time and add some humor to your day!