Thursday, October 21, 2010

Retail Therapy

Oh yes I need it! I was yesterday at a meeting for 4 hours talking about next years South Beach Wine and Food Festival... can't wait to tell all of you everything about it but for now I've got to work on it with a hugely talented team. Additionally, my computer is at the computer spa" since yesterday and I'm making this post on another one but i'll be picking it up today fully upgraded.

I want to add some sparkle to my wardrobe so I guess some sequined and bejweled pieces will add it without making me look like a disco ball. Of course a dress is always welcome especially one with some feminine details along with some killer shoes and handbag

Finally you're never complete, matter the occasion, without the perfect fragrance. I love to go perfume shopping but have to be very careful because I always end up with my allergies attacking me with all their furry.

Today's question is: which is your sweetener of choice? Thanks for all your responses so far... very illuminating!

Have a fantastic day and see you back tomorrow from my computer!