Monday, October 11, 2010

Good Chocolate

The Chocolate Festival yesterday was a huge success and we could not be happier about it... I have no idea how much money was made because we worked not just with our own cupcake table but we rotated some members of out team amongst other vendors that needed some extra help.

Buttercream frosting in a wide variety of flavors waiting to be pipped on the cupcakes

The kids and their parents lined up to get their vanilla or chocolate cupcakes and decorate them  with an assortment of toppings that ranged from gummy bear and worms to sprinkles to colored coconut or cookies that served as tombstones on a beds of crushed Oreo's simulating dirt.

Cupcakes decorating to get ready for Halloween could not be any more fun!!!

I have to say it's interesting to deal with the general public and see what they think and what they want. Some can't wait to get their hands on some goodies while others are looking for a way to avoid temptation... ha! My favorite creations were these delicious Tollhouse chocolate chip cupcakes (sorry, no image!) and will definitely find a way to see if I can get a hold of the Pastry Chef that created them... YUM!

There is nothing greater that a child's imagination!

I wish everyone a great week and lots of sweets deals coming your way!