Thursday, October 14, 2010


I'm sure just like me most of you have been glued to the TV over the past couple of day, if not months, to see the latest on the 33 Chilean mienrs trapped 2,300 feet or 730 meters underground. And I'm sure just like me all of you couldn't help but shed a few tears of joy as they reached the surface and huged their families and loved ones.


I don't know about you but the leassons learned from these people are amazing. First of all that the last thing you should lose is hope because even in the most dire of situations there is always someone out there taking care of us. Second, it is very important to rely on those that have experince and are level headed to deal with the most difficult situations... we have to let them do their jobs. Finally, when we all leave aside our personal interests and start contributing to the common good no matter what: we receive a reward and a few "good Karma points" for the future.

As a last thought, I hope that those who lead each and everyone of our countries learn the lessons taught by the Chileans in which they made a commitment that people comes before political interests and money...

Wishing all of you an great and inspiring day!