Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sparkles and Shells

First of all hope everyone out there in the US exercised their right to vote and voted for whoever they felt in their hearts was the best person for their cities, states and the whole country... no matter if your party won or lost.

I'm having a hard time believe that the Holidays are really just around the corner. I can still remember this past summer going shopping to Jamali Garden for some accessories and finding a wide range of decorations for the Holidays.

Ornament for your tree with sparkling details

Additionally I was able to find everything I needed and everything I didn't need but wanted to buy... In the end I bought some crystals I need to make some gifts and a few vases for a table arrangement. The rest of the time I just browsed around the store to fall in love with all the things available and think of the endless possibilities they presented.

Sea shells and peacock feathers... can you imagine these put together on an arrangement?

There is no better "candy store" for me than those places that tickle your imagination and open the doors to all the amazing things you can create... 

Shells the perfect symbol of summer and sparkling ornaments remind us that it's time to be jolly...

Are you like me shocked about how fast this year has gone by or are you anxiously awaiting the Holiday Season?

Have a nice day and enjoy the mid week happy hour!