Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Life at Sea

I've never been much of a "marine" person besides the sailor pants for the summer and a few navy-and-white stripes tops... but going sailing in Rhode Island really changed my mind about sailing and boats.

Sailing in Rhode Island is part of their way of life and every every child learn how to sail from the time they are very young. I found this to be such a great thing and loved all my friends stories about how they learned and that they always think that nobody can do it better than they call... especially the men!!!

One of my favorite things was to turn of the engine and letting the wind fill up the sails and slide on the water all over the bay. It's a very liberating experience to feel the wind, the water splashing and the speed the boat picks up.

After I got back to Miami I decided to look for sailing classes but somehow the craziness of days have not allowed me to do it but still have that desire to join those that love pulling lines to tighten the sail and wear boat shoes... ha!

Have a great day and take some time to relax... at least for me (tough week ahead)!!!