Thursday, January 20, 2011

Going West

First of all, I didn't mean to go MIA yesterday but the day was hectic enough that I couldn't even turn on my computer the whole day.

Saturday at 7:30 am EST I'm on the plane on my way to LA and San Diego after 1 year of not being there and as you can imagine I'm pretty excited about it. I will be meeting with all my friends over there including someone who is not just a great blogger but a friend... Brandi from Not Your Average Ordinary.

If you are in the San Diego or LA area let me know so we can have a nice meeting like the one both Brandi and I organized in NY that past summer. I can't wait to see her because she says there are a couple of places she's like for us to go and since she lives in San Diego I'm sure It'll be fun.

I can't wait to enjoy some drier weather (especially my hair!) and go to the beach to listen to the breaking of the waves. Also, I am looking forward to the great food that you can find there made with great ingredients and even take a stroll down a couple of the great farmer's markets that happen all over the place.

To round up the trip I will try to go and meet some place that I've never been to that is not too far from the city... Maybe Santa Barbara (been there but briefly) or even the mountain to enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate while everyone else enjoys of some skiing.

Have a great Thursday and Be happy because it's almost Friday!