Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Southern Hemisphere

Last week as we all daydreamed about delicious soups that would keep the Northern hemisphere warm, some one from Australia mantioned that she had a hard time thinking of soup during the summer months.

So, in honor of those enjoying of great summer foods here are some great recipes for them and for us a little eye candy!

This Blender Gazpacho even though is a cold soup has me wanting to eat it even in colder weather. Anyways, save this recipe because it is the most refreshing thing to eat when the sun is at its best!

I love making Hummus at home any time of the year. It is the perfect food for any occasion as it is packed with tons of nutrients and can be paierd with anything to make it a complete meal.

This Asian Rotisserie Salad has me thinking of the seaside, a straw beach hat and a refreshing cold drink while listening at the waves breaking.

Aren't this the cuteste treats? These Chocolate-Ginger Bathing Beauties sure would make everyone's summer picnic table look fantastic.

(Once again thank to the Mrs Stewart for providing such great recipes!)

Hope everyone out there had a great weekend and that the weather is being nice to all!