Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vitamin C

Last weekend I noticed that my night cream was on its last days and headed out to buy a new one because even though mine was very good I never really loved it. So, I went out on a hunt for a new one using the following criteria: not heavy or oily feeling, well priced, and that really works!

Additionally, I armed myself with some extra information by Dr. Oz where he highly recommends vitamin C because it's one of the skin's main water based-antioxidants. It should be used at night so the UV rays of the sun are not inactivated and can stimulate the collagen and cell regenation of the skin.

This is what I ended up buying: Avalon Organics Vitamin C. I started using it last night so it's really early to tell about its benefits but so far I can say it met two of my requirements (price and feeling) as well as it smells great.

What about your face cream? Do you love it or does it need desperate replacement?

Have a great day and just in case pick up that orange on your way out to work!