Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Foods

Watching the Weather Channel lately has been a chilling experience (pun intended!). The whole northern hemisphere is covered with feet and/or meters of snow and torrential rains that are making people stay indoors a lot these days (thanks to Ms Stewart for her recipes).

I believe there is nothing better when the cold hit than a delicious cup of soup that will warm you up all the way down to your toes. One of the best recipes is a bowl of comforting homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. My best advice is to make your own chicken stock but if you are planning to use store bought stock, look for the one that has the least amount of sodium (find this information on the Nutritional Facts).

I love Butternut Squash Soups because fall and winter are the best times to eat them as they are in season and you not only get them at the best price but you also can buy the best quality. If you feel adventurous you can always replace the butternut for pumpkin, calabaza or acorn squash. Additionally for garnish I like to use sage leaves and a dash of nutmeg.

Every time I eat a French Onion Soup I wish I was sitting at a beautiful cafe in Paris feeling like a classy lady - the only difference is that I will ask just for an onion soup and ommit the Frech past... ha! Although this soup takes a bit longer to cook that other ones it can be a very comforting thing to dig into that gratinated chees and soaked bread.

Have a great day and to those weathering the stroms plase keep safe!