Monday, January 10, 2011

Colors, a Trip and an Invitation

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and are ready to start the week with the right foot. This weekend I finalized my plans for my trip to LA and San Diego in a couple of weeks which is making me super happy, especially because I haven't been there in a year.

Lately I've been presented with a few ideas and opportunities to get more involved in design again. I was talking to someone who told me she had a client who wanted everything to be white and grey which amazed me especially for someone living here in Miami... we have tons of color here!

The images today are from a visit a while ago to an Antrhopologie store. I love their use of color and how even when they use shades of black and white they give it a punch with some amazing colors and patterns.

I think if you live in places that don't have much light, especially during the winter months, you nee to cheer everything up with some color accents. On the other hand, if you are surrounded by amazing colors from the nature you have a great palette to bring into you environment.

Finally, if you are either in the LA or San Diego area plase let me know if you would like to get together and have some fun like we did back in New York last summer when I was there... maybe we can have a nice group going!

One last thing... if you noticed the banner at the top has changed a bit to include this year's official color: Pantone 18-2120 Honeysucle. Additionally, some colors and title have changed to keep up with it.

Wish you all a great Monday and a fun week ahead!