Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Walking in my Shoes

Prep work is going really well and we expect to have the first chefs and their sous chefs tomorrow afternoon... cross my fingers! This means that we have to be fully prepared to receive them and be the best help they can get at getting all their food ready for Friday's event.

These days my sneakers are my best friends and definitely the best way to keep me up and running {literally!!!} with everything that needs to get done... then it got me thinking that the back and forth between the cold and hot kitchens is helping me get my daily work out.

I love walking especially because it is good for my knees {they really appreciate it}. Also, if you walk at a good fast pace you can enjoy your environment and relax at the same time while you burn the calories. Since I'm in full walking mode this week I looked for these articles and wanted to share them with you:

Have a nice day... I'll be walking around!