Monday, March 14, 2011

A BBQ Master

Another of the chefs I met at Bubble Q was Chris Lilly. He is the only chef that participated on the vent for the 10 years it lasted {this was the last year} and most definitely one a true BBQ chefs... I cannot but be thankful of having met such a great guy!

Chris was one of the chefs that came to the event with his own smoker... in fact, he drove all the way from Decatur, Alabama with it! It was such a great experience to see him and his team working right there with us and later on the beach... yes,  he was cooking BBQ on the beach!

One of my good friends working with me at the event has been doing some recipes from Chris' book called Big Bob Gibson's BBQ and said that it takes time to really learn how to do it and it takes dedication to really master it.

I wish so badly to make it one day to his restaurant because if his dishes cooked at out kitchens {pulled pork, spicy mac and cheese, and baked beans} were delicious... the stuff that is coming out of his must be to die for. Check him out at Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q

I want to wish all of you a delicious Monday!