Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Big Event

Bubble Q means all you can eat BBQ and all you can drink champagne, also it has been the main event of the South Beach Wine and Food Festival for the 10 years the festival has been on... and this year it was the final year of this great event.

This year the host of the event was Bobby Flay along with 30 other chefs who cooked to please the 3,100 people who attended the event. Other chefs were Cat Cora, Michael Symon, Al Roker, Marc Vetri, Jonathan Waxman, Todd English, Rick Bayles, Allen Susser, Chris Lilly, and Timon Balloo to name just a few.

My task at the event: keep the talent happy! It meant making sure that they had all they needed to serve the massive amounts of food that they were serving. My team and I made sure not just that they had all their food but also plates, napkins, forks, tools, and that the FIU students had fun working with such great people {the vast majority of them!}

"Great minds think alike"... Jonathan Waxman, Michael Symon and Mark Vetri
catching up before the show started

The event was a complete success... so much that there were chefs that ran out of food less than 2 hours after the event had started. There is nothing that I'd like more than the opportunity to interview one of these great minds to share with all of you {crossing my fingers!}.

Have a great day and remember to eat something delicious today!