Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Prep Time

As I mentioned 2 weeks ago, I was with my hands deep into unloading, preparing and setting up the food that all the chefs were going to cook at Bubble Q, the main event of the Wine and Food Festival.

The fist day we received all the meat, chicken and lamb that arrived from Allen Brothers in Chicago via refrigerated trucks {we were worried about the snow storms!} which transported enough products to make approximately 35,000 portions of food... yup, 35,000 portions for 3,100 people!!!

The second day we received all the produce and any seafood {which needed to be super fresh} left of the massive order we had placed. Along with those we received all the supplies for equipment, spices, tools, and everything needed to get all that food preped in an average of 60 hours worth of work.

The next few days were filled with tons of fun, hard work and visits from some of the best chefs out there. As we completed each item and tasks everything got packed and wrapped waiting either to be taken to the place where the event was being held or patiently waiting for their owner to come and turn them into fantastic foods!

More to come tomorrow... for the moment gotta go but have a great day!