Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Onion Affair and More

It's funny to think how many onions we peeled and shopped at the prep for Bubble Q. We had all kinds of them: red, white, yellow, small, big and somehow they all met the knife and cutting boards at the exact same time turning the room into a tear fest.

It's funny thatI'm sort of dedicationg this post to that task but it was so present in every single recipe we looked at, prepared and cooked that when I looked at the pictures I took there were tons of onions and all the braves people who took the task of choping them.

The best "onion moment" was when fabulous Jonathan Waxman {will dedicate a full post to him later!} took the time to show everyone how to chop an onion... a true Zen moment for us!

After all the lessons and chopping of onions I have to say I'm not there yet where I can have it all chopped in seconds but definitely  learned some of the basics... ha!

Have a great middle of the week and hope you find something that amazes you today {like an onion}!