Thursday, March 10, 2011

Zen Master

As I mentioned before today I will dedicate this blog to the amazing Jonathan Waxman and thank him {hopefully someone from his team reads this} for the amazing cooking lesson he gave us and being such a great guy, espeially with your truly.

"You shave the fat off... shave it" were his words as he explained how to trim the fat off the lamb chops he was going to prepare at Bubble Q. First he explaned the whole process to the general public and then went around the room person by person teaching them how to do it right... priceless!

Back to onions over here... ha! Did you know that onions flavors changes depending which was you cut them? Now I do thanks to him and apparently for a marinade the best was is not in rings but the opposite way.

Onions, wine, garlic, fresh rosemary, olive oil and finally add the trimmed lamb chops and marinate overnight... A simple recipe that enhances the natural flavor of the lamb itself.

To give the final touches to the dish and the priceless 3 hour lesson blood oranges for the dish and how to use a chef's knife for us... By the way, he said the following: always use a really sharp knife because more accidents happend with dull knives than sharp ones, hold it firmly using the forfinger and the thimb to hold the blade, and last but not least... take your time and practice!

Have a great day my friends and hope you run into a fantastic person today!