Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blue Wonder

Yesterday I bought a bunch of blueberries taking advantage that they are in season which also means they taste better and they are selling at a lower price {anything in season usually is!} I love to eat them just plain like that because is when you get the most benefits but also in drinks and salads... here are a few nutritious facts about them.

Antioxidants: they are rich in Anthocyanin {which have been shown to slow the growth of certain cancers as well as improve brain function, muscle tone, and balance}; vitamins C, E, A and B complex; copper {a very effective immune builder and anti-bacterial}, selenium, zinc, iron {promotes immunity by raising haemoglobin and oxygen concentration in blood}. Because of this they are great for your skin and anti-aging aids.

Boost up your immune system and prevent infections: Once your immunity is strong, you won’t catch colds, fever, pox and all such nasty viral and bacterial communicable diseases.

 Low calorie snack: a cup of blueberries is less than 100 calories and contains 14% of the recommended fiber intake along with 25% of the vitamin C.

Have a great day and be deliciously healthy!

Sources: Whole Living, Women's Fitness and WebMD