Thursday, July 28, 2011

London Calling

Yesterday I took some time out of my afternoon and headed to the movie theater to watch the last Harry Potter movie {it was pretty good by the way}. One of the things that caught my attention was a great view of London which got me thinking about how much I'd like to go to visit the neighborhoods, museums and all those legendary places people always talk about.

Two of the museums I've always wanted to go are the Tate Modern and the Saatchi Gallery because one holds the national British collection from the 1500's until today and the other is where those that look for contemporary art go. Also, the restaurant at the Tate offer unrivaled views of the city which to me is fantastic because I need a non-vertigo inducing place to see London from above

London is one of those places where summer makes everyone go out and markets open up all over the city. One of those is the North London Vintage Market which I think must be a great place for deals because in a city like that people there's always someone selling an amazing piece with lots of history

Of course no trip of mine would be complete without great food. Historically, London was not know to be a place where good food lived but that has changed a lot and one of those who has made it is Heston Blumenthal at the Fat Duck {number 5 of the Best Restaurants in the World!}. The food at this place is experimental, described also as fun to eat and a real experience.

I guess in the meantime I'll just check out some of these movies to think of London that way if I really want it the trip will come true: About a Boy {love Hugh Grant in this one}, Bridget Jones's Diary {wouldn't mind a Daniel Cleaver or Mark Darcy to walk around in the city}, Eastern Promises {if you've seen the fight scene I know you love it}, An Education {love the idea of London back in the day}, Help! {the Beatles doing their thing in the city}, Layer Cake {Daniel Craig in his pre-Bond days}, and Love Actually {the perfect London love story}

This image Belongs to Tiffany our Dancing Branflakes friend who's been there for a few weeks already... check out her stories!

Have a great day... it's almost Friday!