Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Down at Colborne

I've never been to Canada but if I make it there in the NEAR future I'd like to visit Colborne Lane. Everything I've read about this place is amazing and the food just look amazing!

This is one of those places where molecular gastronomy lives and the team, lead by Chef Claudio Aprile, challenges the laws of gravity with their creations and take ingredients to a whole new level.

I've always been amazed by this type of cuisine because of the skill it takes for this guys to not just cook and serve the food but the precision that it takes to do it... did you know that some of them even use tweezers to put food onto it's plates?

Has any of you been at a restaurant that specializes in molecular gastronomy? If yes, did you like it? And if no, would you like to try it?