Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A House for Books

There is nothing better that a competition to bring the creatives out to play. This time the IFDA Competition brought some great designers together and some of my favorite pieces are these bookcases.

Yukihiro Yamaguchi's "Hako"

The competition which is hel in Japan every three years serves as an indicator of the future of wooden furniture designs. The idea behind it is to introduce the public about the importance of furniture in everyday life and how the represent each of our personalities.

 Ju Hyeon Oh & Eun-Jee Kim's "Horizontal Bookcase"

Additionally, this furniture is intended to remind people of the delicate balance or nature and how our economic models have deteriorated our environment.

Yu Kawashima & Kazuya Washio's "Branch"

Have a great day and enjoy your surroundings!