Thursday, August 11, 2011

Architectural Shoes

I ran into an article about United Nude, which is a shoe brand created by  Rem D Koolhaas {nephew of the great architect} who is trained as an architect and was inspired to create his first design out of love for a woman. After his relationship was over he realized a new career was in front of him and left architecture to start his own label in collaboration with Galahad Clark {as in Clark shoes 7 generation dynasty}.

Besides offering innovative and cutting edge designs for their shoes they have gone one step further and created stores that make you feel like you're inside a dark theater looking at the show which in this case is the shoes {of course!}

Amsterdam Flagship store {credit for all images}

The most important feature of the store design is the Wall of Light™, which is used to highlight the product by using a computer-controlled LED wall that displays the shoes as if it was some sort of art gallery.

New York store

China Plaza store

According to its creative director they have some exciting designs coming up that include shoes with laser cut materials and they will also will be experimenting with new technologies of bringing their designs to women's lives {even some men's lives too!}

Have a great day and bring some innovation into your day!