Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Italian Dining

Last night I went to enjoy one of the best things about the summer in Miami which in "Miami Spice". This event happens for two months and consists on restaurants all over the city offering a 3 course menu for $35... and yesterday we went to Scarpetta! {all images taken from here}

Created by Scott Conant the menu we tasted was fantastic... I indulged in a delicious salad of burrata mozzarella, tomatoes, arugula and basil oil which  have to say made me very happy because I love burrata. 

The main dish was a branzino {a type of European sea bass} on a bed of fregola {small pasta similar to Israeli couscous}, seafood and a saffron sauce... My chef friends I was with were raving about this dish and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Finally, I enjoyed a delicious panna cota {a type of flan} served with a passion fruit cold soup and coconut ice cream... the perfect ending to a perfect meal!

The night was tons of fun especially because my friends being so knowledgeable about anything food they make for good restaurant conversation.

Have a great day and I recommend dinner with friends this week!