Monday, August 8, 2011

Work or Play?

Have you ever met someone with a really cool job? I mean, one of those that seem more like they're playing and not really working? One of my all time favorite companies is Virgin and all it's different companies... and of course I love Mr. Branson's {as in Sir Richard Branson} vision and ever lasting quest to be always ahead of the curve.

The other day I ran into an article about the guy who is the Creative Director for Virgin America, in other words, the guy responsible for the coolest airline out there... have you flown with them? Jesse McMillin worked with design companies in the US and abroad and was sort of recruited for such a cool job! {interview and image credit}

One of the jobs that I've always been jealous of is the one Paola Antonelli {one of the most powerful people in the world of art} has the privilege to hold... she  us the senior curator of the Department of Architecture and Design at the Modern Museum of Art {MOMA}. She has curated some of the most amazing exhibits for the museum with the goal of bringing design eduction to everyone.

One of the best designers out there today is Yves Behar not just because he is very versatile and has created products that range from light fixtures to accessories, but because he has a strong commitment to make our lives and environment better through design... check him out here!

Have a great Monday!!!