Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Designing Movies

First of all... I have to say that I didn't make it to see Crazy Stupid Love. The thing is that my friend Jess wanted to see it but she couldn't this weekend so she made me promise that I would wait until this week to go with her. Instead {believe it or not!!!} I ended up watching "Cowboys and Aliens"... I know, I know!!! Yes, it was not good but seeing Daniel Craig in chaps made it bearable.

Moving on to today's topic, as you know I love movies not just for the stories and the entertainment factor but also I love those that have a high design element in them like great sets, costumes, and anything else that is well designed.

One of the best sets I've seen so far this year was the one on "X-Men: First Class". The set designer, Chris Seagers, described the sets as the perfect backdrop for the characters to develop {AD article and image credit}. Also, famous wall paper designer Tony Roche designed 3 patterns especially for the movie which in set in the 60's {article}.

I understand those that didn't go to see Tron because back in the 80's when the original came out it was actually pretty cheesy... but the latest version had some amazing sets that glowed and even though they looked like antique furniture they still looked very modern {LA Times article}.

The one that really got my brain all twisted was inception with it's rotating rooms and bending cities which were such a great part of making the movie as confusing and as visually appealing as it was {articles here and here}

Happy August everyone... May this month bring you tons of great stuff!!!