Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yummy, Easy, Romantic

So, the other day while reading my Tweets I saw my dear friend Kim from Fill Your Well and was talking about her upcoming trip with her husband and needing some food ideas for the trip... then she inspired me to look for some fun recipes that would work for such an occasion.

A refreshing summer drink is always a must no matter where you go... and if they have fruits they are even better... Peach and Blackberry Muddle
Quinoa is a great grain that can be used in anything and the best is that it is super easy to cook with the added bonus that is charge with tons of fiber and nutrients... Quinoa and Fig Tabouleh {this link has other great recipes in it}
Salads with protein in them {any type of meats or tofu} are great because they are very refreshing and can be very healthy if you add ingredients that have tons of vitamins and minerals to compliment your proteins... Vietnamese Chicken Cabbage Salad
Of course nothing is complete without a delicious desert... Chocolate Buttermilk Cupcakes with Mint Infused Whipped Cream  

Have a great day and enjoy a delicious summer dish!