Monday, August 29, 2011

Viennese Luxury

First of all I want to send my good wishes to those affected by the hurricane over the weekend and hope things get back to normal real soon.

On the other hand, lately I've been very active on my reading and for one reason of the other Vienna has been coming up a lot in my readings besides the fact that my parents were there just a month ago {all images HERE}.

On my travels I've always made mandatory {for myself!} to visit places that have a lot of history and a place like the Hotel Imperial would definitely be one of those places. Built in 1863 to be the residence of the prince of W├╝rttemberg it was turned into a hotel in 1873 for the World's Fair and became famous all over the world as the place to go for luxury and impeccable service.

As much as I might like a modern environment, I love places that have maintained their grandiose personality and still make us feel like that old world luxury. It is know that the afternoon is prepared with fresh water from the Alps and trademark teas including Darjeeling, Bergamot and Rose Blossom petals.

This place is so famous that there are a number of anecdotes by many historical figures such as Charly Chaplin, Queen Elizabeth II, and Luciano Pavarotti amongst many others.

Have a great Monday and make sure to make plans to indulge in something this week!