Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Layers of Goodness

Last night as I watched Tony Bourdain walk around the ancient streets of Istanbul I could not help get a terrible craving of those delicious pastries they showed. Like many of you {I'm sure!} I love baklava and have my favorite places where I buy and in certain occasions I have done it myself.

In Turkey sweets are more that just dessert but they are also a symbol of hospitality and part of the Sugar Feast on the 3-day feast at the end of the month long Ramadan {which is the time when No Reservations was filmed in the city}.

On this recipe of Baklava there is also step by step instructions on how to make filo dough {the flaky layers dough} which is an adventure I've never tried to get into since the layers are so thin they sort of scare me... I always opt for the store bought kind, ha! Click for Recipe and Filo Instructions

I wanted to remind you to join the celebration of my B-Day this September by sending me a postcard from where ever you are. This is the second year I'm doing it and the response has been fantastic. Once I receive each card I feature it on the blog just like you can see in here and here!

Have a great day full of sweetness!