Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I've never been to Hawaii but two things this past week have made me really want to go: one was watching the 80's surfer movie "North Shore" and the other one was receiving a B-Day postcard from Ashley who sent it all the way from Hawaii. If you want to celebrate with me... just EMAIL me and I'll send you the address for you to send greetings from wherever you are in the world!

Her super cute blog is called One Fine Day and in here she explores her love for design, food and fashion. As a military wife {bless her husband!!!} her life is changing constantly so she started the blog to keep her friends and family informed about what she was doing which developed into a way for her to share happy thoughts, memorable adventures and great finds!
Another little Hawaiian thing today... I will be going to a luncheon/award ceremony to accept an award on behalf of a friend of mine who own a super cue boutique hotel in there... from Hawaii to Miami!!!
Aloha and have a fantastic day!!!