Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fashionable Night

Finally here are the images from my adventure at Fashion's Night Out 2011. We had a lot of fun at the event as we had champagne and macarons at Chanel and YSL, we enjoyed of great food at Neiman Marcus and checked out amazing shoes at Saks.

The event was full of people some of them and some not that much but at the end of the night the most fun was just people watching. Somehow the fashion industry {especially high end!} attracts a lot of the crazies who spend thousands of dollars trying in clothes as if style could be bought?

Do you think style can be taught or is it something you are born with? I somehow think you can learn how to make the best of it but just like people who are math and chemistry geniuses there are others who just have that innate sixth sense.

Have a great day and start getting ready for the weekend!