Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Weekend Friday

Funny to think that for many people in the US this weekend marks the end of summer but for us in Miami summer will last for almost another 2 months... it will be that long before temperature drop below 85F {ugh!}. Anyways, this weekend in a long one on this side of the world and looks like my weekend is taking by a day of boating with friend and another one by having friends for dinner at my house.

Before moving on to this weeks links, I wanted to invite you {again!} to take part of my B-Day celebration by sending me a postcard from wherever you are in the world. Last year I received some amazing postcards and this year I'm really happy some great bloggers are doing it... next week you'll see some of them here! So, just EMAIL ME for the address and celebrate with me... and many other bloggers!

Tomboy Style
VC Economy 
Business Cool Ideas

Have a great weekend and stay cool!