Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Six Objects

First of all... I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Mine was a combination of a lot of rain {the boat ride was cancelled because of it} and some sunshine {great for having dinner with friends at the balcony} but most definitely good food was a constant throughout.

Over the weekend I came across this amazing collection of objects by two Greek designers, Athanasios Babalis and Christina Skouloudi. The name of the collection is Argonauts because just like in the old mythology tale, the two designers are embarking on a journey to make their designs known to the whole world {all images here}.
This computer case is called Actor is made with layers of molded plywood and can fit a computer as big as 17" along with it power cord and mouse. the interior is covered in felt so the computer is fully protected.

I love this tray because it's not only elegant and cool but also its shape prevents things from sliding off the tray.

This bowl called Atalanta, reminds me of one of those toys we played with as kids and the idea is that it can rest in any position depending on the placement of what's inside of it.

The salt and pepper shaker not only look very similar to the fruit bowl but also has a very similar name, Atalanda. The material these are made of will help absorb humidity so the contents have no problem coming out when used.

I think the Staphylos fruit bowl is one of the coolest because it was inspired by the shape of fruits themselves but also because it was stand on it's own like a little sculpture.

Last but not least, the Asterion pendant light is so versatile that is changes depending on the angle you are looking at it.

Have a great day and be inspired!