Wednesday, October 5, 2011

From All Continents

Today I want to share with all of you this postcard I received from Ilze who is South African and sent it from London on her way to Seoul via Hong Kong... Amazing!!!
Her blog is Auburn and Blue which are the colors of her hair and eyes. She is a de-clutterer who loves to create, decorate and renovate. Her blog is a place to share ideas and ultimately she hopes that her blog  becomes inspiration for people to turn frustration into creation.

The postcard features a typical South African dish called Bobotie, that I also found on Martha Stewart's website from the time when she went there. I found this VIDEO where she prepares the dish right there on her show... looks delicious!

South African cuisine is so varied that ranges from crocodile sirloins to fried caterpillars to sheep heads but their most famous dishes {besides the Bobotie} are biltong  which is a type dried salted meat, and boerewors  which are hand-made farm sausages that people usually grill on an open flame.

South Africans {just like everyone else} have been brewing some amazing beers lately. Their beers are so good that they have a created a whole festival called We Love Real Beer, which is dedicated to microbrewers and those who have perfected the craft.

Of course... no post about South African food would be complete without talking about their amazing wines. One of the things that I love about their wines is that the industry has become highly sustainable not just environmentally but they are also socially responsible... Check out the video to find out more!

Have a great day and go out to travel through food!