Thursday, October 6, 2011

"It just gets better and better..."

Today, I want to celebrate the life of the greatest innovator we've seen... Steve Jobs. As sad as it is his passing we have to rejoice in his legacy, not just on the amazing gadgets he created but on the way he changed the way we do business, see movies and enjoy life in general.

As I'm sure all of you have seen on your Facebook and Twitter pages, people have been posting some great quotes of his... all of them are taken from the video below, which is the Stanford commencement speech in 2005.

Take 15 minutes to listen to him... It's an incredibly inspiring speech, simple yet powerful. It's all about loving life. It's about loving what you do. It's about taking your "No's" and turning them into "Yes's".

It's about leaving the best legacy possible and changing the world into a better place... Thanks Steve in the name of design, business and innovation!

Have a great day and celebrate your life!