Monday, October 24, 2011

Tropical Fruits 2

Good morning from Miami! yes, I got back last night and happy to be back home event though I miss spending time with the family. Another thing that I miss is the delicious fresh fruits available everywhere.

One of my favorites is guava... as you can imagine I love it when it's green but when it's ripe turns more of a yellow-green and the inside may turn pinkish and sweeter.

In Costa Rica they are used to make all kinds of desserts and beverages. One of the most famous dishes don with them is called "Cascos de Guayaba" or Guava Shells. It is made by boiling the ripe fruit in water and sugar until they are soft and the liquid has turned syrupy.

Unfortunately, here in the US I've only been able to find them brought all the way from Thailand which I think is a lost opportunity for farmers in Florida, where the weather would be ideal to grow them. But if you get to find one no matter where it comes from take a chance and get one... they are delicious!

Have a great Monday!!!